EM and Frontier Latin American Credit Trading

Torino’s Latin American Desk is primarily engaged in sales and trading of Latin American government and corporate issuers. While we trade all major Latin American sovereign and corporate bonds, we are especially active in illiquid regional securities, high beta sovereign and quasi-sovereign issuers, and 2nd and 3rd tier corporate issuers. In these market segments the team provides our global institutional clients with insights, guidance, trade ideas and competitive trade execution to help them achieve their regional investment goals.

In the space, we are active in the US and EUR denominated debt and certain euroclearable local currency-denominated bonds in BRL, MXN, ARS, COP and PEN.

EM Trading EMEA

Emerging Markets EMEA
Torino’s EMEA Desk is primarily engaged in sales and trading of Eastern European, Russian and Central Asian government and corporate issuers. Though we can trade all major EMEA sovereign and corporate bonds, our focus is on 2nd tier corporate issuers. In this segment, we provide clients with market color and execution in USD and EUR denominated bonds.

Western Europe
Torino is also active in trading Western European credits. The focus is primarily on sovereigns, corporates and financials of the Eurozone periphery.

North America Trading

Torino trades corporate high grade and high yield securities, distressed bonds, and U.S. equities.

Loans, Claims And Distressed Assets

Torino Capital, LLC. trades distressed bonds, claims, and loans across various sectors and geographies. We help our clients identify trading opportunities suitable for their respective risk profiles.

Our distressed-debt platform draws on our relationships with institutional investors, our global distribution network, as well as our experience and expertise in creating tailored solutions for our clients.

Private Placements

Torino’s Capital Private Placement Team structures private placements for our emerging and frontier market corporate clients. We work closely with strategic/specialized institutional investors to secure issuers with optimal funding structures.

We also structure follow-on financings and advise issuers regarding suitable debt and equity private placement products.